“Katherine Schlemmer’s sprightly directorial debut yields a queerly delightful comedy of coincidence which leads its characters and the audience on an odyssey into the very heart of what it means to be a human…” – Greg Klymkiw at The Film Corner

“There is no odder title for a little Canadian movie but this is an absolute Gem…I was laughing constantly…it’s so original, it’s so kooky, it’s so crazy, but it works.” – Jason Whyte on CFAX1070

Originality and laughs at every step, ‘Naardlinger’ is the calling card of a fresh new female voice” – The Whistler Film Festival

The Film

When a mild-mannered IT specialist discovers that a man with the same name as his is missing, he goes looking for him in the Toronto ravines. But instead of finding him, he finds the missing man’s identical twin brother.

Carl Naardlinger has spent most of his life answering questions. When your computer doesn’t work – he is the man you call. Patient, intelligent and kind he is a voice in the interconnected ether – touching the lives of thousands of people he will never see, or meet.
When he discovers on his birthday, that a man with the same name as his has gone missing and is presumed dead – Carl instinctively feels related to the stranger that bears his own name. Pam, his wife, is unnerved by a shocking coincidence of her own, when their annoying neighbour dies after she wishes it. It seems the Universe is playing a cruel joke on them both.
Things get stranger when instead of find the missing Carl Naardlinger, Carl finds his identical twin brother Don who happens to be in town for a conference.